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Whether you are young or a few years away from retirement, it is important to plan for it now. Answering the questions, “What will you do once you retire?”, and  “Do you have enough savings for your retirement?” isn’t easy. Almost all of us will say that we want a comfortable retirement, but how exactly does one achieve that?

If you want a truly stable and secure future while maintaining financial freedom today, you should start preparing for your retirement as early as you can. MCBL retirement plans are tailor fit to your unique financial needs and budget. 



MCBL Legacy Secure

Let the life you live be your legacy.

MCBL Legacy Secure is a life insurance plan that guarantees lifetime protection for your family. You also have potential cash benefit payouts that may be used for unexpected cash needs.

Key features

  • Protect and secure yourself and your family until you reach age 100.
  • Receive cash payouts on a regular basis or a long-life bonus at age 75 depending on the variant you choose.
  • Receive the full amount of your life insurance coverage value when you reach age 100.
  • Get additional earnings through non-guaranteed dividends.
  • Enjoy extra coverage by adding Critical Illness protection and other benefits.

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MCBL Enrich

Our most affordable life insurance plan

Enjoy value-for-money life insurance solution that can provide protection and help jumpstart your savings.

Key features

  • Affordability
  • Hassle-free Application
  • Protection
  • Manageable Premium Payment


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MCBL Invest

Your best move in securing your future

Whether you are preparing for your child’s education, your first home, or your retirement, MCBL Invest can help you build a bigger fund soon.

Key features

  • Bigger Fund
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Fund Option
  • Extra Protection


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