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Enjoy life protection and financial growth with MCBL funds.

Boost your protection and grow your wealth through insurance plans linked to these funds.

Global Market Leaders Fund

Boost your wealth building with a fund that maximizes total return by investing in companies that own the world's most well-known brands. 

Global Multi-Asset Income Fund

Focus on achieving income generation and growing your capital through a diversified investment exposure across major regions around the world: USA, Europe, Japan, Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific.

Global Health Fund

Grow funds faster through the world's top healthcare companies like Pfizer, Abbott Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and United Health Group (Sample companies where this is invested as of January 2022)

Tiger Growth Fund

Get access to China's large, domestically-driven economy, and potentially grow your funds faster through companies like Alibaba and Tencent (Sample companies where this is invested as of December 2020)

Global Preferred Securities Income Fund

Diversify your investments and get exposure to a wider selection of companies globally from industries like Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Power and Electric, REITs and Communications.

US Growth Fund

Get access to the world's largest economy and get the opportunity to grow your funds faster through companies like Amazon, Alphabet, Apple and Facebook (Sample companies where this is invested as of December 2020)

Note that all these Funds invest in companies through Manulife Global Funds.

How to invest?

Get access to these funds when you purchase any of the following life insurance plans:

MCBL FutureBoost

MCBL Invest

MCBL Wealth One

Whether its saving up or spending for essentials, a VUL or an investment-linked life insurance plan can complement your needs perfectly.


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