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Start investing in your health, with Health Hero.

Why you should get it? 

Health Hero is an affordable health and life insurance plan that provides coverage from the top critical illnesses while offering you a money-back feature for staying healthy.

Here are the benefits of Health Hero:

Get 100% of your coverage if you are diagnosed with any of the top 6 illnesses (Cancer, Heart Attack, Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery, Stroke, End-Stage Lung Disease and Kidney Failure).

Get critical illness protection and life insurance that fit your budget. Premiums start at Php 37* per day.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Simply answer a health questionnaire, with no medical check-ups.

Conveniently renew your coverage every 5 years, with no health questions asked.

Stay healthy, and get back 30% of your core benefits premiums paid* every 5 years.

*Other deductions may apply.

Additional Benefits

Hospital Income Benefit

Receive a daily allowance for hospital confinement to help pay for medical expenses and doctor’s fees for a maximum of 365 days per illness per confinement.

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NOTE: Exclusions and limitations based on pre-existing conditions may apply. You have 15 days to look at your policy contract from the time you receive it. If you decide it is not suitable for your needs, you can return it and we will do a refund. You may refer to your policy contract for more details.

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Want to learn more about Health Hero?

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