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Retirement Plans

Your life later depends on the plans you build today.

How do you picture your retirement years? For many, retirement may seem like a far-off future. But it’s nearer than you think and it’s crucial that you start planning for it today. Do you want to explore your passions, fulfill more dreams and continue living independently even when you retire? These are all possible - if you are able to start saving now and grow your wealth.

Having a retirement plan and setting multiple sources of income to support your way of life can help you live a comfortable and financially independent life down the road.


Save smarter. Live better. Retire ready.

There’s no better time than now to start planning and preparing for the future you want. With Manulife retirement plans, you can achieve financial independence and pursue your passions later in life just as you would today.



FutureBoost Retirement is plan that can help you save for your retirement so you can make the most of the next stage of your life’s journey..

<p>Assure Max</p>

Savings and Retirement

Prepare now for a truly rewarding retirement – your best years are just ahead.​

How ready are you for retirement?

Discover how much you need to work for and save based on your target retirement age and risk appetite.

Want to learn more about our Retirement Plans?

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Want to learn more about our Retirement Plans?

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