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For a health insurance plan that fits you perfectly.

Why you should get it? 

HealthFlex is a customizable health insurance plan that lets you pay only for the coverage you need so you are protected from illness.

How you’ll benefit from it?

Customizable and affordable plans

Choose from the four HealthFlex bundles and get protected for up to 112 critical illnesses.

Guaranteed protection up to age 100

Get benefits in sickness or in health. HealthFlex covers critical illness, death, or rewards you for staying healthy until age 100.

Protection at any age

Ease your worries by getting this health plan from as young as 15 days old or up to age 70 and enjoy protection all the way to 100.

Additional health coverage

Increase your protection through add-on benefits that cover early-stage illnesses; cover second occurrences of either Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke; or provide assistance on your hospitalization or while you recover from your illness.

Waiver of premiums

Focus on your recovery without worrying about future payments should you get diagnosed with any of the covered illnesses.

Additional rewards for staying healthy

Enjoy annual dividends which can be withdrawn anytime or left to accumulate until maturity.

Would you like to find out more?

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Product Brochure

NOTE: Exclusions and limitations based on pre-existing conditions may apply. You have 15 days to look at your policy contract from the time you receive it. If you decide it is not suitable for your needs, you can return it and we will do a refund. You may refer to your policy contract for more details.

HealthFlex bundles


HealthFlex Cancer

HeathFlex Cancer +


HealthFlex 3CI

HealthFlex 3CI +


Covers expenses related to Cancer treatments.


Covers expenses related to treatments for Cancer and 57 other critical illnesses.

Covers expenses related to treatments for Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke.

Covers expenses related to treatments for Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke plus 57 other critical illnesses.

Benefits Illustration

View benefits illustration

View benefits illustration

View benefits illustration

View benefits illustration

Additional benefits

*Child Critical Illness Benefit only applies when age of the insured is 0-18 years old.
**Hospital Income Benefit and Payor's Benefit are only available for 5-Pay and 10-Pay plans.

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Want to learn more about HealthFlex?

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