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Getting sick and paying for medical bills can consume a large portion of your savings, and sometimes your existing health coverage may not be enough. 

MCBL health plans help you invest in your health today, so you have the freedom to do more of the things you want now and in the future. 



MCBL Health Choice

Make the right choice for you and your family.

MCBL Health Choice provides you with guaranteed health funds should you be diagnosed with critical illness, and if you get hospitalized.

Key features

  • Use health fund to replace lost income while in the hospital
  • Receive back all premiums paid, which you may set aside for your own health fund in the future
  • Your family will receive cash benefits equivalent to the basic premiums you paid


NOTE: Exclusions and limitations based on pre-existing conditions may apply. You have 15 days to look at your policy contract from the time you receive it. If you decide it is not suitable for your needs, you can return it and we will do a refund. You may refer to your policy contract for more details.



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