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As parents, you work hard so you can provide the best education for your children. Make sure that your savings can keep up with inflation and the rising cost of tuition, so you can send your child to the best schools.

MCBL has flexible education plans that can help you send your child to the best schools.



MCBL Invest

Get a head start in reaching your dreams.

Whether you are preparing for your child’s education, your first home, or your retirement, MCBL Invest can help you build a bigger fund soon.

Key features

  • Achieve target fund faster with higher potential earnings
  • Lower upfront charges
  • Choose from any of our professionally-managed funds based on your attitude to risk
  • Enjoy extra protection through built-in benefits that cover you financially in case of accidental death or disability



MCBL MoneyMax Secure

Guarantee your funds for future dreams.

MCBL MoneyMax Secure is a smart solution to help you build your savings, prepare for your child's education and protect your family.

Key features

  • Receive cash regularly*
  • Enjoy a lump sum cash benefit when your MCBL MoneyMax Secure matures
  • Secure your family’s future should unexpected things happen


*This feature is available in selected variants only.