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General Inquiries | Frequently Asked Questions

A policy can be assigned to any other person, bank or entity in consideration of a loan.
Below are the requirements for the purpose:

  1. Assignment/Release of Assignment Form duly signed by the owner and designated irrevocable beneficiary/ies, if there is/are any.
  2. Copy of the loan approval from the bank.
  3. Copy of two valid IDs (e.g. passport, driver's license).

Submit these documents to Client Services in order to process the request

The assignee should accomplish the Assignment/Release of Assignment Form and submit the completed form to Client Services Department. If assignee is a corporation (e.g. bank), the form should be signed by the company's authorized signatory. A copy of Secretary's Certificate or Board Resolution and valid ID of the signatory are also required.


  1. Fill out the Application for Policy Change Form
  2. Fill out the Statement of Insurability Form
  3. Submit the accomplished forms duly dated, witnessed, signed by the policyowner and countersigned by irrevocable beneficiary/ies, if any, to Client Services Department.
  4. Additional premiums should be paid, if needed.

* Application for change in plan should be made within six months from issue date. This is done only once in a lifetime of a policy.

  • Correction of date of birth and age
  • Correction of Insured or beneficiary/ies name
  • Change in the mode of payment
  • Address Change

You may also write us a letter with your full name, policy number and correct address or send an email to