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PISO lang for peace of mind with Secure Pinoy.

Secure Pinoy ang abot-kayang life insurance plan, o protection coverage sa panahon ng aksidente at gastusing medikal.

Why you should get it?

Protection na magaan sa bulsa

For about Php 1/day* or Php 500/year, you can enjoy Php 35,000 worth of life protection coverage or Php 200,000 for accidental death plus Php 10,000 worth of medical reimbursement.

Murang protection plan para sa miyembro ng iyong pamilya

Extend the coverage to your loved ones at a more affordable price. Under the same plan, they can get life or accident and medical financial aid for less than Php 1/day or Php 275/year*.

Mabilis at pinadaling application

Get protected in minutes! No medical check ups required when you apply.


*Subject to a minimum premium for 1 year coverage.

Secure Pinoy is offered exclusively to all China Bank Savings customers and their primary dependents.


Want to learn more about Secure Pinoy?

Talk to a Financial Sales Associate today.

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