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A fully-customizable health plan that lets you choose and pay only for the health coverage you need.

Why you should get it?


Ward off draining medical expenses by customizing critical illness coverage.


Safeguard your health up to age 100 or reap maturity benefits for staying healthy.


Feel more secure with protection from up to 112 critical illnesses and add-on benefits.

Product highlights

•  It's customizable and affordable! Choose and pay only for the health coverage you need.
•  Guaranteed protection up to age 100!
•  Extended issue age! You can get this health plan up to age 70.
•  Stay healthy and live up to 100 and be rewarded with a Maturity Benefit.
•  Introducing a first of its kind health plan where an Advanced Critical Illness Benefit resets to 100% of its coverage, provided an Early Stage Critical Illness Benefit is in place and has been claimed one year prior.
•  Get an additional coverage for a 2nd type of cancer or an existing cancer that progresses 3 years after the first diagnosis, regardless if you recovered from the first cancer or not.


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