Protect your health today!
Protect your health today!
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In the midst of economic uncertainty, how do Filipinos view the importance of health and well-being, and its impact on financial security?

In Manulife's Asia Care Survey, more than 1,000 Filipino survey respondents shared their sentiments on health and finances amid economic uncertainty. Specifically, the study delved on their expectations on health longevity, insights on financial preparedness and retirement planning, and their views on the value of insurance for financial stability and health protection.

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Filipinos' Health Span Expectations


Expected age of retirement


Expected age to still be in good health

98% of Filipinos have at least 1 anxiety about health

Top health-related anxieties among Filipinos


Cost of Treatment

37% Loss of income or job

28% Unpredictability of getting ill

26% Uncertainty on who will take care of me

17% Difficulty in accessing good quality treatment

Top illnesses most feared by Filipinos

Top 1

Heart Disease

2 Diabetes





Live Diseases

8 Alzheimer's, e.g. dementia

9 Flu and pneumonia

10 Burnout

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