Know more about retirement?
Know more about retirement?
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In the midst of economic uncertainty, how do Filipinos view the importance of health and well-being, and its impact on financial security?

In Manulife's Asia Care Survey, more than 1,000 Filipino survey respondents shared their sentiments on health and finances amid economic uncertainty. Specifically, the study delved on their expectations on health longevity, insights on financial preparedness and retirement planning, and their views on the value of insurance for financial stability and health protection.

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What are their top financial goals?


Save for retirement


Save for healthcare or medical needs


Save for a rainy day

How do they save for retirement?


Cash savings/bank deposits

20% Retirement insurance

18% Inheritance

18% Government's subsidy

17% Personal life insurance

17% Financial assistance from my next generation

9% Personal health and critical illness insurance


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