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Affluence Max Elite

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Affluence Max Elite is a one-time payment variable life insurance that provides higher investment returns and peace of mind through the minimum protection benefit equal to 125% of your total investment.
Receive a Guaranteed Start-up Bonus equal to 1.25% of your single premium. Receive a Guaranteed Start-up Bonus equal to 1.25%1 of your single premium.
Get a Loyalty Bonus for staying invested.
Experience hassle-free application with minimum requirement and fast approval.3
Build your funds faster by making additional investments anytime.
Enjoy peace of mind with 125% of your single premium as minimum protection coverage.
Earn more with a diversified investment portfolio

1 For a Php 3 Million / USD 75,000 minimum single premium. Rate of the Start-up Bonus is 1% for a minimum single premium of PhP 1 Million / USD 25,000, and 0.5% for a PhP 500,000 / USD 12,500 minimum single premium.
2A Non-guaranteed bonus given on the 10th, 15th and 20th year.
3 No medical examinations if conditions are met.

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